dear millie by Ezra Wilder. Album artwork

dear millie... OUT NOW:

Yo!  Ez here!  I’ll make this short ’cause who really likes long bios?

I made my start in the entertainment business as an actor when I was 14, supporting casts like Robert Duvall, Mellissa Leo, and Lucas Black.  Once I experienced the thrill of entertainment, I jumped headfirst into the magical whirlwind of music; writing and producing songs and touring nationwide with the band Willow City. When 2020 hit, I was writing and producing so much I didn’t know what to do with myself (thanks lockdown).  Songs were coming out of my ears.  So I finally decided to jump in and use my own voice to say what I want to say.  Sometimes it’ll make you laugh.  At times it’ll make you cry. It’s all Music for the Modern Soul. Thanks for listening. More to come right around the corner.

Your friend, Ez